Aug 142011

Ever have one of those weekends where you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished a damn thing?  Yeah, welcome to my world.  But the thing is, I did do stuff.  You know, weekend stuff, like laundry.  OK, so I technically only did 1 thing.

BUT, I did take off from work on Friday and cleaned my house, because I knew that my cousin Dee was going to be up in the area and you know, the house hadta kinda look a little clean.  Tackling dust bunnies is no easy feat, letmetellyou!

Anywhoo, not knowing what her schedule was going to be for the weekend, Rick & I decided to attend an auction on Saturday (yes, becoming our new guilty pleasure) that was about a mile from the house.  This particular auction featured mainly tools and such that brought a slight drool to Rick’s carpenter side.  But being the wonderful supporting wife that I am, I went along because, you know, I might find something that I have always wanted for little or nothing.

It happens.

In the middle of the auction, my cell phone gave me a jingle and it’s Dee on the other end.  Problem with cell phones up here in the Northwoods is that the reception can be really crappy, so it took like 4 calls to complete a conversation.  The last call I got from her was that she was parked in my driveway, looking at my house.  They agreed to come and pick me up and I was able to give them the nickel tour of the homestead and visit for a little bit.

We decided to do away with the Larson traditional picture of “standing as far away from each other as possible while pretending to enjoy the moment.”  Because, you know, we actually wanted to have our picture taken together.

Isn’t she a cutie!!

Her hubby Neil and their 4 legged friend Sadie came along too!  What a beautiful couple.  They also have beautiful kids (which I haven’t technically met other than via a certain social media site which will remain nameless… ).

They were nice enough to drop me back off at the auction as they headed off to explore more of the area.  And it appeared that Rick had been pretty busy in the short time I was gone.

Another. Radial. Arm. Saw.  This makes 3 folks.  All from auctions over the last 2 months.  Oh, but that wasn’t all!  He also got another table saw and a bunch of wood.  Good thing it was close to home, because once again we didn’t bring the trailer so he had to run and get it.  It took us 3 trips to get everything home (2 just for the wood).

Did he spend too much?  Nope.  Everything worked and will find a happy home either with us or somebody else.

This weekend actually turned out to be a double header for the auction game.  While Saturday’s was mainly Tim the Toolman heaven, today’s featured lots of furniture and household items.  And we finally smartened up by bringing the trailer with us.  I just knew that we were going to need it.  And was I right!

This is my score of the day.  A solid oak dining table, with 4 chairs.  This is butcher block solid.  I virtually stole this puppy.  Just look at the sleigh style curving on the ends! *sigh*

Can’t say I’m crazy about the chairs, but that can be remedied easy enough.

Oh, and Rick bought a gun.

Yep, Ma & Pa Rooney are really packin’ now with their own BB gun.

It’s a sweet little thing.  And yes, I shot it.  AND hit my target.

Those squirrels better behave this winter if they know what’s good for ’em.*


*Don’t worry, I would never harm a squirrel unless it attacked me or I was gonna eat it.  (They are quite tasty… try it sometime.)

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