Sep 172012

Saturday started out to be sunny with a hint of hopefulness.  I was all geared up to cook up some great foodies for the building party.

While Rick organized the lumber that was dropped off on Friday, I ran to town and did some shopping.  I was actually excited, which is something that doesn’t happen much lately, so I started my day off with a smile and oozed happiness to all those that I came in contact with.

But when I got home and started unloading groceries, Rick dropped the bombshell on me:  no one was going to show up.

Well, there goes that balloon.

But I was determined to not let it get to me.  I kept my smile on my face and a good attitude in my back pocket and proudly exclaimed “I’ll help ya!

The look on his face was a cross between concern and horror.  Granted, I know which side of the hammer to hit with and what a 2 x 4 is, but I’m not an expert when it comes to building wooden structures.  And lord knows I hate the thought of using a skillsaw, much less wanting to pick the damn thing up (power tools scare the hell out of me), but I wasn’t stupid.  I could do “stuff.”

He must have seen the slight look of dejection on my face and told me to grab my pouch.

So for 2 days we cut…


and sawed…

By mid-afternoon on Sunday we had 4 walls up.

All by ourselves.

We make a good team.


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  1. Looks good you must be very excited about your new hideaway…

  2. Sorry we couldn’t make it last weekend to help, we’ll be up this saturday afternoon tho! You guys did a great job and it looks great!

  3. Hey Hon,

    If I knew you were this good of an “apprentice”, I would have stayed in the construction business.
    We would have made a hell of a team…LOL


  4. You can’t even imagine, Patty!

  5. Can’t wait to see you!

  6. We do make one hell of a team 😉

  7. We’re so proud of you two.

  8. Awww… thanks Georgia!

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