Mar 242013

A few days ago I got an email from my oldest updating me on all the wonderful things happening in her new life in North Dakota, including but not limited to her husband’s new job and her returning to college this summer.  All good things that I needed to hear at that time and it made me happy to know that she’s making friends with the pheasants and horse whisperer’s that live in that area of the country.  (That is an inside joke that only her and a select group of people will understand, but needed to be mentioned because I need to amuse myself sometimes and give her a chuckle.)

She ended her correspondence with an inquiry that said (and I’m paraphrasing now) “I noticed that your lost post was on March 4th.  WTF?

Yeah, well… hmmmm…..

There’s a reason for that and I’ll produce a very long, boring post explaining it all.  Soon.  I promise.

But then Saturday morning came around and I received a very disturbing phone call that broke my heart.

My Uncle, who was also my Godfather, who was also a second father to me, suddenly passed away.  To hear the sorrow in my father’s voice as he relayed the information to me was beyond heartbreaking.  If my youngest hadn’t been next to me at the time I think that I would have just dug a hole in the floor and crawled into it and not resurfaced for days.

But she was and I didn’t.  And both of my girls have been caring and loving, and giving me time to mourn, and I love them more than the sun and moon for it.

And it was just a few hours ago when everything was sinking in and tons of memories were flooding back to me about the wonderful times that I had with my Uncle that I remembered a photo that had been sitting on my desk for months.  A photo that was unearthed from I-don’t-remember-where but held a memory of how much time our families spent together when I was young.

And I looked at the photo and made a stinky-face at how dorky I looked when I was young, but I also saw how happy me and my cousins were on that day posing for my mom’s camera.  I knew then that I needed to send it to my cousin, my Uncle’s daughter, hoping that it would bring back some good memories to her too in her time of sorrow.

Because even though we were dealing with something so sad in our lives, we still needed to have something that brought back some good memories.  The OMG factor doesn’t hurt either.

Old Pic

Yeah, we rocked the 70’s fashion scene.


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  1. Mom, HAD to Lol on the “horse whisperer” comment! Seriously, I’ve NEVER heard of anything like that before moving out here to Western ND. Hope I never hear it again after! 😉 Loves out to all who had the privilege of having Ken touch their lives. I know that Colie and I spent quite a bit of time with Ken and Jane when we were younger, and we loved it. We are better people for having known them. <3 <3 <3

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