Feb 092015

We’ve finally turned the page on the calendar and entered February.  Snow is lightly falling outside my window, temperatures are hovering in the 20s, bread is rising in the kitchen and Perry wants to lounge on my keyboard.

And it’s also crunch time at the new building.

Rick moved his business to it’s new home on February 1st even though we were no where near ready for him.  But he couldn’t justify paying rent at the old place while we were heating the new one, so we constructed a temporary wall to “hide” the construction and opened the doors to customers.

I’ve put my notice in at the college and my last day there will be March 27 with hopes of opening up the coffee shop in April.  I haven’t set an exact date yet because I’m not going to open up unless things are 100% done and perfect for my customers.

There are so many things to accomplish, but every day that that we can cross something off the list means that we are one step closer to success.

One item that has been completed is the upstairs apartment and we have a fantastic renter.  She will take care of the place and appreciates all the custom work that has gone into the place.  When I look back at the pictures of what that space started out as and what it is now, I am just blown away.

CAM01044.1 IMG_20150125_143849.1

Here are the before and after pictures of the living room.  WOAH!!

CAM01053.1 IMG_20150125_144115.1

Rick custom built a door to cover the furnace.  Yes, he is an artist.

CAM01045.1 IMG_20150126_090146.1

This hallway looks much more inviting.

CAM01047.1 IMG_20150126_090216.1

We were able to reuse the mirrored closet doors in this bedroom.  All of the trim in the apartment was reclaimed pieces that had been torn out from the building earlier, cut, routered, sanded, poly’d, and brought back to life.

CAM01048.1 IMG_20150126_090225.1

This bedroom was lovingly referred to as the room from hell with the purplish paint and spray paint graffiti.  What a jewel it turned out to be!

CAM01046.1 IMG_20150125_143759.1

The new commode and flooring really update the bathroom.

CAM01052.1 IMG_20150126_090252.1

I had the pleasure of taking a sledgehammer to the kneewall that hid the stairs coming up from downstairs.  With those gone the kitchen is more spacious, and all new appliances and cupboards have been installed.

Now we are fully concentrated on the downstairs retail areas that are taking on a transformation all their own.

I can’t wait to share those pictures with you!

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