Nov 182013

Rick’s slow recovery continues, but there have been some positive changes.

The most exciting is that he’s starting to speak.  You don’t know how much I’ve missed that man’s voice!  It’s only been a few words here and there because the more he talks the sorer his throat gets, but I’ll take those few words over grunts and silence any day.

We saw the Doctor again today which basically was refilling prescriptions and warning us to watch out for any fevers.  Fevers = emergency situation and that would be bad at this point, so Rick is sticking close to home and resting.  We did move his work computer home so that he can still do some mindless tasks like deposits, but not much else.

I have noticed that he has started to lose some of that “sick” look, and the other day he confirmed that he did feel a little better.

Music to my ears.

Now we continue on the waiting game, and also a week off from having to check in with the Doctor.  It will be nice to finally have a Monday off from the road trips.


On a completely unrelated note, the weather decided to play nice this weekend and allow me to take a leisurely stroll around the homestead before the snow flies.

It’s amazing the things you see when there aren’t leaves all over the trees and bushes.


This old bed spring was uncovered when we cleared the property across the road.  I think it’s reminding me that I saved it for a reason but that reason hasn’t been fully revealed to me yet.  Maybe SIL Roxy can give me a few DIY repurposing project ideas.


This ginormous wasp nest is hanging by a pencil-thin branch that looks like it could snap at any moment. I passed by it many times over the summer and never noticed it, but it may explain why there were so many wasps around the house this past summer.


The winner in the “What the…???” category goes to this roll of toilet paper hanging from a branch in the woods just off our property.   There is no logical reason for it to be there, hanging 7 feet above the ground.

Unless of course the local bears are shooting a Charmin commercial.

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  1. So glad Rick is improving.
    As far as the last picture…..Bigfoot????

  2. Lol, Sandy you would have celebrity bears on the premisis!! Glad to hear Rick is starting to feel a little better. Slowly but surely now, if it was fast something wouldnt be right. Think he will be up to holiday goodies when the time comes, lol?

  3. Yay! So glad Dad is starting to feel better, that’s such positive info! Hopefully that continues and thanks keep getting better and better. Its been a long tough road but you both are holding your own. Love you guys so much and miss you!

  4. This is such good news, that Rick is regaining his speech, and that he looks less “sick!”

    About the TP: Sandy, you know what bears do in the woods.

    May the force be with you. You and Rick, not necessarily the bears.

  5. Thanks Judy,

    I think she put that there….small bladder….can’t make it back to the house in time.

  6. Oh I am completely aware of the Christmas Cookie Treasure! I will be ready, come hook or by crook.


  7. Love you too, Baby of the Family! LOL

  8. Thanks Laurie,

    Yea I don’t know what it is doing out there. Couple years ago we hired
    a bunch of guys to clear out some lots we got over there. But that roll looks pretty recent. I should go look what brand it is….


  9. Hi Rick: Glad to hear you are feeling better. Never know where this message will end up when I get on the computer. Amber was helping me today, now I think I know what I am doing.

    Do have a great holiday, I hope the gravy and mashed potatoes will slide right down.

    Love Cheryl

  10. So happy to have been able to talk to Daddy for so long last night!!!! Love you both! 🙂 <3

  11. Love you too, sugar plum.

  12. Hi Cheryl,
    Glad to see you made it on here. Thank you Amber:)
    I would love mashed potatoes, maybe, I have been able to swallow water without much trouble
    Would love to try some. Will keep you posted. 🙂

  13. Ok then, its on..You are on the Christmas list, lol!

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