Jan 182015

Oh my gosh and golly has it been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down and put my thoughts and life out there for whoever to ponder.

It is still Winter here in the Northwoods, and we survived the January arctic weather that chilled our area for a couple weeks at the beginning of the month. If that is the worst that we will see for this season, I, and many people within a hundred mile radius, will be very grateful. I don’t think we will forget the hellish cold we went through last winter for many years to come.

We are half way through January, quickly approaching February. Still lots of time to spend with Old Man Winter yet, but I’ll take an early Spring if he’s so inclined to hand it over.

It is amazing how life moves along in a blur sometimes. The holidays came and went more quickly than normal it seems, and it was such a joy to take a few days off to spend with family. Grandkids have a way of making you smile.

I’m trying to not get too caught up in the two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back curveball that life is throwing at us lately. The “It is what it is” attitude is a much better place to be. Plus the weekend breakfasts that Rick prepares are the icing on the cake.

Life is consumed with working on the new building, and we have come to our first crunch time. Rick will move his business on February 1st, and whether we’re ready or not he will be in business.

But here’s the real reason why this post is being written.

It’s all my MIL’s fault.

Georgia and SIL Roxy came up this weekend and worked their backsides off in the new building. They did the final cleaning on the rental unit, and scrubbed the two bathrooms in the business section of the building to a shine that I never thought would have been possible.

I bow to these women. They are amazing.

They are…. WOW!!!

They are also crazy because they offered to come back up and do more work.

And in between all of the crazy was Georgia telling me that my nephew and his wife said thank you for writing this blog. She also heard from other family members that they were wondering why I hadn’t written anything lately and that they really enjoyed by writing.


Knock me over with a toothpick.

I never knew that my ramblings and daily life could be interesting to anyone.

Or maybe it’s just Thor and Perry that you enjoy seeing.


I agree that they have a certain cuteness factor, as well as a crazy side that they only share with me.

Thank gawd that they do, because sometimes that’s what I need to get by from day to day.

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