Nov 012011

Nichole and her two munchkins paid us a visit this last weekend.  When she leaves the rest of the crew back at their homestead, Rick usually kicks us out of the house and sends us up to the casino to have some Mother-Daughter time together (read:  adult beverages and gambling).

The grandkids are at that age (5 & 7) where they don’t need as much supervision as they used to.  Give them some coloring books and crayons, or perhaps a computer, and they are entertained.  Actually, this is what the normal adult would do.

We’re talking Rick here, who has a different idea of what constitutes entertainment.

For Saturday evening’s pleasure, the main attractions were a large supply of orange cord and scissors.  (Apparently Rick doesn’t remember what little girls like to do with scissors:  cut hair.)

So when Nichole and I arrived home a couple hours later, we were welcomed into a kitchen funhouse created by the precious little darlings.


And where was Rick during all of this?  In the living room, watching TV.  I guess he figured that as long as they were quiet, there was nothing to worry about.

At least nobody’s hair got cut.

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  1. I like the last part the best…at least nobody’s hair got cut….but we’re not gonna go there, k? lol 😉

  2. It was entertaining to come home to, that’s for darn sure lol

  3. That is quiet, dear, as long as they were quiet what could they possibly be doing. I thought thier attempt at “Halloween” decorating was kinda cute. Although I could probably have popped my head in the kitchen to check on them once in a while but “Gold Rush” was on T.V. and well they were really very quiet…………almost peaceful….

  4. You did a wonderful job with them, honey! Thanks for giving Nichole & I some time together.

  5. Having flashbacks dear? LOL!

  6. “Entertaining” is one word to use 😉

  7. Funny, being that I have all boys, I immediately thought that they string would be cut into a billion pieces of orange confetti because that is what boys do with scissors–make confetti. 😉

  8. Oh, I found bits and pieces of it scattered around the kitchen over the next few days. It brought a smile to my face remembering the fun they must have had.

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