Jun 112011

One of the simple joys that Rick and I have is looking out the window and seeing stacks of firewood that will keep us warm come winter.  We do all the hard labor in the summer of splitting and stacking so we don’t have to freeze our youknowwhats off in 20 degree weather.

Sure, some people give us that puzzled look of saying “Why do you do in in the summer, it’s easier to split in the winter?”.  Please refer to previous statement.

It also gives it a chance to dry out a little more, or “season” if you will.

Unfortunately, this is one of the perils that come with the job.

You hear the sound from inside the house and just know what it was.  Now this particular stack had been giving me trouble from the get-go.  As I was working on it, not once, but twice it had a mind of it’s own and started to collapse.  The second time it was almost on me.  My toe still hurts.

I guess I can be grateful that it fell in the direction that it did, or else I would have had a real mess on my hands.

It only took me 1 1/2 hours to restack, and I was able to show off my hard work to Rick when he got home from work.  To show his appreciation, he offered to go out and split more wood, you know, since I was already in a rhythm.

I think I may have shouted NO just a little to loud.

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