Jan 222012

Not too darn bad.

Well, for the Northwoods temps in the mid-20’s in January are pretty darn good.

I really haven’t written much this year about our Winter because, frankly it’s been a weird season.  Not much snow, temps doing a roller coaster ride… meh, just not that exciting.

Sure we just got over a cold snap where overnight lows were in the -20 degree region and daytime highs fought to reach 0, but that only lasted a few days (thank gawd).  Sometimes those spells can last well over 3 weeks, and by the time it’s done 20 degrees is a heatwave.

Seems like other parts of the country are being blasted by Old Man Winter, like the Northeast region of the country is right now.  I feel for them folks.  I know what it’s like, I’ve lived it for 47 years.

The weather Gods are predicting a little snow (2-4″) over the next couple days, but at this point I’m sick and tired of the “couple inches here, a dusting there” crap.  We need SNOW, and lots of it!

No, I’m not crazy with that statement, because when that snow melts in the Spring it supplies great benefits to many things up here.  The trees need the moisture of the melted snow for Sugar Bush; the local lakes need it because they are way below where they should be; the people that have wells (like us) need to keep our supply of water available.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift of where I’m going with this.

We still have a couple months to go where we could get dumped on pretty good (as is the proof with this photo from last March), so there is still hope.

Plus, I kinda look forward to those “snow days” from work.  Any excuse for a day off with pay is alright in my book.

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