Jan 152013

A month ago I decided to utilize a program to look at the analytics of my blog since the old one wasn’t working (and we had changed my site to a different server that appears to be highly finicky when it comes to what it is willing to allow users to access.  Think Hal in “2001:  A Space Odyssey”).

While I’m still trying to learn the techno-savy aspects of the program, I did come across a little bit of information about you guys.

Although I knew that you were a tad strange simply because you read the gibberish that I throw together and post as my life, you seem to have an infatuation.

With squirrels.

According to this fabulous program, the keywords that are used most that draw people to my site are…  wait for it… “Squirrel”.

Grand prize winner is “fat squirrel”.  Second runner up:  “ninja squirrel”.


Apparently, I’ve posted 21 pictures of squirrels (this being the 3rd time I’ve used this photo – the three “R’s” are alive and well in the Blogosphere) and who knows how many times I’ve used the word “squirrel” in a post.

Guess we can add 6 more to that tally, whatever it is.

Oh, and just so we can award the Bronze medal in the Weird Olympics, third place went to the keyword “teacher”.

Explain that one to me, will ya?


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  1. Ummm… love you! Teacher squirrel? 🙂

  2. They are nasty little buggers, so I wouldn’t be surprised 😉

  3. We’ll see if that shows up in the future!

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