Dec 162013

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve made any attempt at writing a post.  It always seems to happen this time of the year when there are two holidays back-to-back and there are more things to do and not enough time to do them.

Rick’s recovery is progressing really well, and he’s working very hard at eating solid food.  Since his taste buds were attacked with the radiation it will take a while for them to recover, which makes food tasting very interesting for him.  The habits that he had for so many years with salt and other condiments have been thrown out the window as he yearns to just “taste” the food itself.

It’s ironic that it took cancer to do something that I have been trying for 23 to achieve.

But I must say that it is a pleasure to plan the meals with him and sit down at the table to eat together at night.  As always, it’s those little things that we never really thought about before that bring joy to our lives.

He has an appointment this Thursday with the Chemotherapy Oncologist and also to get a blood draw to find out where his levels are at, letting us know if his body is healing and able to fight infection.

In other news, Winter has hit us cold and hard here in the Northwoods.


Snow, ice and bitter temperatures came crashing down on us a couple weeks ago and hasn’t let up much.  Temperatures have struggled to get above the single digits for what appears to be forever.


This type of weather is what we would expect in January or February, certainly not in what is officially still “Fall”.  This only confirms my sentiments earlier this year that the months and seasons are all forked up this year.

And yet life goes on.  We put layer upon layer of clothes on to stave off the icy chill, and hope that frostbite doesn’t set in from the 2 minutes it takes to get from the house to the car.


I only hope that this is not a precursor of what to expect over the next 3 months, or we’re going to have to reconsider how much wood to put up each year.

Or maybe just move to a warmer climate.  That might be easier.

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