Aug 242014

I guess you could say that I’ve took the summer off from blogging since I haven’t written a post since Mother’s Day.

Wish I could have given ya’ll some notice, but I didn’t realize that I was going to do it!

I’ve thought many times over the last 3 months to sit down at the computer and do some writing, but then this, that and the other thing got in the way and well, I’m sure your Summer wasn’t much different.

Minus the blogging.  Or not.

So what’s kept me so busy?  Lots of little things like gardening, loafing off, reading and lots of running around filled up a lot of the time.  Spending weekends canning, doing housework, spending time with family and friends took up most of the rest.

Another that keeps me running around is helping my former boss (and good friend) out with his campaign for State Senate.

When I first moved up here in 2001, I worked for a local Native newspaper as their accountant.  Back in May my former boss from that job, Paul DeMain, stopped by the homestead to let me know of his political aspirations and if I would be his Treasurer and Accountant for his bid for state office.

My life has been non-stop since that day.

And if that wasn’t enough to fill up my world, Rick & I decided that life needed to be a tad more busy so we bought ourselves a little project.


This building is about two blocks from our house, and was, up until a couple years ago, a bar.  And before that it was a bar.  And other times of its life it was a brothel, a bakery, and… a bar.  So I’m told.

This will consume the majority of our time for the next 9 months as we repair the roof (Rick’s current project), remodel the upstairs apartment to get it rented out (my current project), and then tackle 1,952 other things that need to be fixed on the main floor before we can relocate Rick’s business and I can open up my coffee shop again.

Oh, and still get Paul elected to State Senate, and still work my current job, and keep up with the chores on the homestead, and, and, and….

But if that wasn’t enough, we also have an addition to the family:

Meet Perry.


If he’d stop moving you would be able to see that he is a Siamese kitten that formerly resided at Nichole’s home, but graciously relocated to the Northwoods when Rick decided that we needed another furball.  Rick obviously forgot the high maintenance that a kitten comes with, but luckily for him Thor welcomed him into the home and has been taking him under his wing.

There are not many things in life that shock me, but that right there threw me for a loop!

So I may have taken Summer off from blogging, but I haven’t really had a vacation per se.  Yes, there have been some relaxing moments here and there, as well as over-nights here and there;  personal time with a book on the deck;  relaxing time in the studio creating new items;  snuggle time with Thor while Perry plays with his tail;  precious moments with the grandkids creating memories that I hope they will reflect on when they are older.

Yeah, it’s been a good summer, and the future looks like it’s going to be pretty great too.

Hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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