Jan 292013

Conversation between Rick & I the other night:

Rick:  Since we’re talking about spending money, I spent some today.

Me:  OK.

Rick:  Remember when I had Gary & Chris over to the house on Sunday to look at taking down the trees in the yard.

Me:  Yeah.

Rick:  Well,  I told them about a sawmill that Harbor Freight had on sale.

Me:  ……………

Rick:  Well, Chris and his wife came in the shop today and she had a coupon for 20 percent off anything from Harbor Freight.  I didn’t think they would honor it because the sawmill is already a great deal.

Me:  ……………

Rick:  Well, they took it.  And I bought the sawmill.

Me:  Um honey, you were supposed to buy us a new lawnmower.



  5 Responses to “But It Won’t Cut The Grass”

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  1. Soooo what exactly does this mean??

  2. It means that sometimes my husband’s priorities need a little adjusting 😉

  3. Hahaha not quite the answer I was looking for but that is a pretty funny one!

  4. Bwahaha! Sounds like Dad all right 🙂

  5. LOL. I’m excited for you guys! Rick will love working with that. The lumber from those trees you want to take down will pay for the sawmill. I can already see those boards going into the design of your new shop. It will be beautiful.

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