May 122011

It seems that cats can be pretty comfy no matter what the conditions that they have when they want to take a little snooze.

Believe me, I’ve had cats most of my life, and it still totally amazes me the positions that they come up with.

When I was growing up, we had this big old tabby that would lay on it’s back in between the slots of wood on a pallet that my Dad had in the garage.  Belly up, legs flopped to the sides, in peaceful slumber.

This was also the cat that would not eat mice.  He would take them out on the back stoop and play with them, smacking the poor critters back and forth between paws until they finally had a moment of clarity (or he got bored) and ran off.

I miss that cat.

I think his name was Tigger.

Anywho, when Nichole was up last month for Easter, we were camped out in the bedroom having our usual bull session when I looked over to my rocking chair and saw this:

Calie had her head buried into my coyote pelt that I have draped over the rocker.

She’s not fully laying on the thing, rather she is in a sitting position on top of the vanity zonked out!

I think that she was a little peeved with me when I turned the light on to snap the picture.

Actually, she snuggles up to this thing quite a bit, and I have even caught her licking it before like she is grooming it.

I guess it’s better than shredding it to bits.

Of course, Thor has his own idea of what the most comfy place to sleep in is.  Instead of just the normal couple pairs of shoes that he gets to snuggle up in, he takes full advantage of an additional 7 pairs.

Told you he had a shoe fetish.

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  1. Aww! I still love those shots you got of Callie on the pelt. She looks so cute! And Thor looks totally comfy. I agree with you, I don’t understand it sometimes how they lay and look comfortable. Boggles the mind…

  2. Oh Pooter….hahaha And Thor looks so comfortable! 😉

  3. They are just too funny!

  4. Don’t you wish that we had it that easy? LOL!

  5. Thor cracks me up.

  6. He is a good source of entertainment!

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