May 032011

Which one of these things does not belong with the others.

Actually, none of them belong together, but that just happened to be my Monday.

The first order of the day was a trip down to the dentist.  Last fall I had my top teeth ripped out and had dentures put in (long story, which I may share in the future).  It takes about an hour to drive there, but he’s a damn good dentist, so I don’t mind the long drive.  I also get a chance to drive through some beautiful country and I made sure to take my camera along in case any of natures creatures decided to show themselves along the way.

It didn’t take long before I came across a group of what I thought were wild turkeys.

But as I got closer I discovered that it was a group of vultures having a mid-morning snack of road kill (deer, to be exact).

They are a rather large bird, so it was easy to mistake them for turkeys from a distance.

And they have a face that only a mother could love.  Well, not this mother, but I’m sure theirs loves them very much.

(Sorry for the fuzzy photo… I’ll work on that.)

I think they are camera shy.

Not wanting to disturb their meal any longer (plus I had an appointment to keep), I continued on my journey.

Within minutes I came upon this little cutie feeding along the side of the road.

She (don’t know if it was a he or a she, so lets just play along here) was definitely not camera shy!  As long as I was snapping pictures, she stood and posed, looking directly at me and not budging an inch.  Only when I put the car in drive did she continue to munch on the new spring grass as if what just happened was a normal part of her day.

As far as the dentist appointment went, he was happy with how everything looked, did a minor adjustment and told me that in the next couple months we will get a final fitting done so they are nice and snug in my mouth.  Downside to this good news?  I will be without my top denture for 3 days while they send it to someone else to make that adjustment.


We’ll cross that bridge later this summer.

Since I was in a town that actually had a “mall,” I decided to see if I could find any new clothes for summer.  No luck.  Here is probably where I should tell you that I’m kinda a small size and it’s hard to find any pants/shorts that won’t immediately fall down to my ankles upon buttoning.  It is not a fun shopping experience when that happens.  BUT, I did stop at Bath & Body Works and scored on some wonderful smelling body spray that I have wanted to get.  I left happy after that.

I grabbed a pseudo fish sandwich from Micky D’s and headed back toward my neck of the woods to do the bi-weekly Monday grocery shopping.  I’m driving along and all of a sudden I feel a slight tickle on my shoulder, and when I go to scratch it discover that there is a scab there that I didn’t know about.  Well, it fell off really easy and I pulled my hand back and discovered it was actually a woodtick.  Ick Ick Ick!

Naturally, I freaked and dropped in on the floor of the car.

Smart move, Sandy.

For the rest of the ride I’m imagining this little bugger crawling up my pant leg for another opportunity to use me as its personal blood bank.  Every tiny itch and tickle put me on paranoid alert for more of these nasty, brown bloodsuckers.

EW! EW! EW!!!

OK, we’ll just move along to something a little more pleasant.

So, how did I do on my mission of sticking to buying only the groceries that are on my list?  Great!  Well, I did have a slight slip, and I will blame that on my daughter Chris.  If she hadn’t called me on my cell phone while I was in the grocery store, I probably would not have been distracted and saw this:

What makes Liquid Smoke so irresistible that I would risk a perfect shopping trip?  These babies were 4 for $5.  That alone is a major touchdown in bargain shopping.  BUT, I only bought one (and still got the sale price 🙂 ) because this was the only jar of Mesquite they had, and I wasn’t so sure about how the other “flavors” would taste.

So why blame Chris?  Well, when she was younger I used to make hash as a way of getting rid of leftover potatoes and I would add liquid smoke as a way to perk up the dish a little.  Since then, that is the only way that she will make it and whenever one of us finds some on sale we buy it for the other.  See, totally her fault.

OK, OK, I’ll take the blame.  I’m weak.  I could have said no.

But I’m glad I didn’t.  I got a helluva deal!

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  1. Yeah, that’s right, blame it on me! lol Liquid smoke is the bomb! 😉 And you aren’t THAT weak…I totally would have bought 4 bottles….. hahahaha <3

  2. BTW, those vultures ARE quite fugly…. lol

  3. Aren’t they though?

  4. Hey, had to blame it on someone 😉 I would have bought more but you didn’t show any interest in the other ones.

  5. You do attract the wild critters while behind the wheel, eh Baby……LOL
    Vutures and woodticks………..


  6. Yes I do dear, yes I do.

  7. Eww! Ticks are nasty… I was helping Bonnie get a couple off one of their cats last night when we went to see their baby goats. Ugh, hate ticks. It’s looking like it’s going to be a bad year for them buggers.

    But Mmmm….. liquid smoke… Num!

  8. The first tick of the year always freaks me out, after that it’s “whatever.” Guess I should have just bought the other flavors of liquid smoke and let you girls sample them, eh?

  9. If they had Hickory, I would have taken one!!! 🙂 But thanks anyways! (BTW, the Pecan one sounded NASTY!)

  10. I think the only liquid smoke I’ve ever used is mesquite. But the hickory sounds good!

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