Feb 082012

Just because I don’t own my Organic store anymore, doesn’t mean that Rick & I go without the food we like the most.

A few years ago when Rick was doing some work for the BIA in Ashland, he came across a store that he just knew I would love (oh, and by coincidence, it was located next to an Espresso Bar/Coffee Shop…).

And love it I do.

The Chequamegon Food Coop is my “Go To” store for a lot of my Organic needs.

But since we live an hour away, we don’t travel up there as often as we like, so we stock up each time we visit.

Last Sunday was a beautiful February day, which provided us with an excuse to hop in the car and take a road trip.

I walk into this store and I fall in love.  The aroma alone is enough to make me want to purchase everything on the shelves.  But I can’t.  I have to stick to my list.


Since we are Coop members, we get to enjoy the wonderful sales that they always have going on, but we don’t limit ourselves to just them.  If we need something, we buy it.

“But organic is so expensive,” you’re saying to yourself.  Don’t get me started on that argument, because I’ll win.  Trust me.

My case in point?  4 pounds of Organic oranges for $5.59.  That’s $1.39/lb.  I went to the local “Big Chain Store” last Monday and bought name brand oranges at $1.49/lb.   And they taste terrible!  They are tough and dry.  The skin is 1/4″ thick!  Blech!!!

Organic White Flour in bulk?  .79 cents a pound.  Yes A POUND!!  Pillsbury and Gold Medal can’t beat that.   I make my own bread so I save even more!

They even had my favorite Creme Soda in stock, and Rick was more than happy to buy it for me (I love him so much).

So before I jump off my soapbox, I have to say this:  Don’t think that all Organic food is out of reach for your checkbook.  Do the research and do the math.  Shop around and find a Coop or Organic store in your area that provides great products at reasonable prices.  Find those Farmer’s Markets or join a CSA.

Wouldn’t you rather be spending your money on something that tastes great and is good for you instead of on Doctor’s bills in the future?

I know that I am.


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  1. One word: AGREED!!! (and thank you and Dad for helping Erik get on that Bandwagon with me!!!)

    <3 y'all tons!

  2. Waaaaa????

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