Feb 182011

Due to many factors, I have very dry skin, and winter doesn’t help it any.

A couple years ago, I was talking with my dear friend Patty (who, by the way, is a great source of information for just about anything holistic) about this subject and she suggested a very simple answer:  Vitamin E.

Looks harmless, yes?  But what a true marvel it is!

This little gem is great for many reasons, one of which is healthy heart function.

But for me, I puncture one of these babies open and smother its liquid on my face, rub it in real good, and dab it off for smooth, moisturized skin!

Another bonus:  It’s affordable and all natural!! Need I say more?  Why spend a ton of money on expensive creams that have who-knows-what in it when this works (in my opinion) better!! Sure, I use another lotion in the mornings (all natural, of course), but at night before I go to bed this is part of my routine.  I even saw a product in the store the other week that took this too a whole new level.  You can buy just the liquid!!

Sorry, got a little excited there.  But really, give it a try for your dry skin, especially your face, I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

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  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

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