Feb 162011

First off, I just need to get this out in the open:  Scales are evil.

There, I said it.  I do not have to go into details (my daughters know my reasons for this).

OK, moving on.

Yesterday was not a good day for my computer.  It has been having issues for a while now, but not anything that I couldn’t get past.  Until last night when it decided that it had had enough and needed to go to the Doctor, aka Rick.

My wonderful husband took the poor patient into his shop today and brought it back good as new tonight.

Along with another little surprise.

No, this is not a belated Valentine’s gift for me.  This is bought for him, and him alone.  I gave him the gift of stepping on it once to show him that I weighed more than air, and he was happy.

My feet will never touch it again, I can promise you that.

Yes, we truly live in a technological world when you have to read the directions on how to use a scale.  Oh, but this is no ordinary scale.  You get the pleasure of entering your age, sex and height and then it politely calculates your body fat and body water to add insult to injury in addition to your weight.

But first you have to remove your socks and wet your feet because it needs to send a “slight” electrical impulse through your body to get that information.

This can be programmed for up to 10 people that want to torture themselves with this devise.  So just select your “number” to bring up your information…

…and hop on for the thrill of a lifetime!

There were 2 things that I made perfectly clear that I would not allow in this house:  a scale and a gun.  At least I can’t  hurt anyone with this thing unless I throw it at them.

Let’s see how long it takes until I catch Thor taking a nap on it in the summer because it is nice and cool.  On second thought, Thor is bigger than the scale, so that idea is out.

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  1. Whoa… has hell frozen over? Have the Vikings won the Super Bowl? Are you sick? 🙂 j/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyk Mom! Sounds interesting tho

  2. Yes, I do believe that hell has frozen over! And no, that is not me standing on the scale, it is your Dad. This is the exciting life that we lead now, LOL!

    I do have to agree with you about the interesting part 😉

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