Sep 232012

8 years ago today I was stirred from my slumber in the wee hours of the morning by a telephone call and the following statement:  “Mom, we’re heading to the hospital.”

I woke up Rick and called Chris to get over to the house because Nichole was in labor.  I swear that girl was here in 10 minutes flat (which is amazing since it’s a 20 minute drive) (OK, not so amazing when I think about how Chris drives).

Driving 2 hours to a hospital at 2 am is not exactly ideal conditions, because that is the social hour for deer around these parts.  Since I was gonna spend a couple days with the new parent’s, Rick drove separately and I had Chris with me to look out for any critters that may look like they were gonna bolt into the road.

I’m happy to say that we made it down with no incidents.  I had expected Rick to beat us there (he graduated from the Indy 500 school of driving), but I neglected to tell him about the road construction on the normal road we take that detoured to Egypt and back, so he wandered in an hour later.

But all was well and good because it was another 10 hours before we welcomed Alexis Marie Ziegler into the world.

Was that really 8 years ago?  It just doesn’t seem possible!

Before I know it, this little girl is going to be going on her first date, learning how to drive, and graduating from High School.  And on each of those milestones I will think back to the day she was born and the excitement she gave all of us with her first cry.

And I’ll probably cry a little bit myself.


Happy Birthday, Alexis Marie!

Grandma & Grandpa love you very much.


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  1. Beautiful post Mama! That day is ingrained in my mind as well, and I loved reminiscing about it while Alexis sat here in my lap reading this to me. Alexis would like to add her comment as well:

    Thank you for writing this post! – love Alexis

  2. Happy Birthday, Alexis Marie! And congratulations to Nichole, she has one beautiful daughter and amazing mother;-)))

  3. It was one of those days that I’ll never forget.

    And you’re welcome Alexis 🙂

  4. You’re so sweet Maria!

  5. Happy Birthday from your Greatgrandpa and Greatgrandma Rooney too

  6. Happy happy 8th birthday to my beautiful niece, Alexis!
    Love you and miss you tons,
    Auntie Chris, Uncle Erik & Cousin Brayden!!

    Hugs all around, my dear girlie! 🙂 <3

  7. Happy Birthday from Grandpa Rooney too!

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