May 272011

My coworker, Anita, has be offered a great opportunity at another college that is a) closer to her home, and b) has an awesome salary.

How could she turn that down?  Well, she couldn’t really.  And she didn’t.  Even after I told her she couldn’t go.  Yes, I actually told her this.  And she laughed at me.  But I understand.  This really was a hard decision for her, and I wish her the best of luck.

But I have to say, I KNOW she is not going to find anywhere else in the world to work that has the kind of atmosphere that we do at the college.

How do I sum it up?

It’s fun, serious, easy going, stressful (at times), flexible, and goofy.  Wait, that was just our office.

So on her last day, we sent her off with a get together in the student center with the number one item that she adores:  Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

This also happened to be her lunch since she was frantically scrambling to finish last minute items so that we wouldn’t fully fall apart today.

And at promptly 3 pm, we drug her away (kicking and screaming) to her favorite watering hole/restaurant in town.

Actually, I like to think of the event as a “Roast” of sorts, since it was basically letting everything out in the open in a happy, “What are they going to do, fire me?” sort of way.

And when I heard this song on the way home last night, I thought it fit the atmosphere perfectly.

Anita and her wonderful husband Kevin.  This man is a hoot and a half.  I didn’t realize that we were going to have comedic entertainment!

Anita and my best bud Shanna.

“Yippee for me!”

“I rock.”

“See, I’m happy!”

“Yesh, we’re having fun now!”

My compadre, Christi.  It’s you and me now, chica!

Well, until we can find another person that has very big shoes to fill.  Which will not be easy.  There are very strict criteria that have to be met in order to sit at Anita’s desk.

Two of which are an absolute must:  1)  You have to be a freeze baby and tolerate space heaters year round; 2)  A slight case of OCD.

These are non-negotiable.

But really, nobody can replace you Anita.

You truly do rock, girlfriend!

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  1. Thank you, Sandy! You are an amazing woman whom I am honored to have worked with side-by-side!

  2. Backatcha girlfriend!!

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