Jun 212012

Normally the gardening is done by me.  From start to finish I plant, weed, water, harvest and can.  And frankly, I don’t mind it one bit.

Rick’s involvement is getting the land ready for me and then daily inspections.  Again, just fine in my book.

But this year, he’s taken a more hands-on approach with the addition of the plot out at the farm.

We make a weekend trip to inspect their growth, pull weeds, etc.  He’s even earned a big ‘ol blister from all the hard work he’s done.

I must say that I like the teamwork this year.  He’s going to be able to enjoy the popcorn later this fall…

and the evil squirrels birds will get to enjoy the sunflower seeds.

Me?  I get to enjoy shucking it all.

Yay me…

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  1. Ain’t it!

  2. Just goes to show again, Rick is a guy of many talents- you are a lucky lady!! Roy too has shown a talent for gardening, but he has more fun teasing me about my ‘black thumb’- funny, cause im the one that grows stuff all the time! He just dont want to do the weeding……

  3. I’d say we’re both lucky ladies 😉

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