Mar 092011

Sometimes work can be very stressful.  Heck, LIFE can be very stressful.  I like to think that I am pretty good at handling everything that is thrown at me, but some days, you just gotta say enough is enough.  On those days, I wish that we had a punching bag in our office.   In an office full of accountants, that thing would really get a workout.  I bet we could even make a little money on the side letting other people at the college use it.  Naw, I’m too nice for that… I like to share.

But, since that is probably not going to be an option in the very near future, I have brought a more holistic approach to those stressful situations that we often find ourselves in.

Ah, behold the beauty and calmness that is the lavender plant.

Some days, I could just swim in a field like this!

But since that is not an option, I turn to this trusty bottle.

This little baby will wash all of that anxiety away and bring you down to that calm, loving person that you know you are.  Aura Cacia (not a paid endorsement) has a great lavender essential oil that is so affordable, I give it to my fellow comrade-in-arms in the office for when she has to deal with people that are not bean counters like us.  In fact, I have dolled it out to students before they have a test to take to help calm their nerves.

Young Living (again, not a paid endorsement) provides probably the best Lavender  essential oil I have used.  One drop of this delicious oil and  you are calmer than a cat sleeping in a sunny window.

And of course, there are wonderful holistic benefits from its use!  Besides removing nervous tension, it helps with pain relief in muscles, blood circulation, digestion and relief from migraines, to name a few.  Heck, it’s even recommended to calm down pets!

And what’s more, you can cook with it!  I was passed on this nifty little tidbit by a friend of mine who used to live in Hawaii where it is very popular in butters and sugars.  Cruise the internet for lavender baking recipes and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you get for results!

So, the next time that the world seems to be totally out of control and your nerves are frazzled beyond belief, put a drop of this lovely potion on your wrist and breath in all the wonderful calmness that it has to offer.

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