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I know that I said this would be posted yesterday, but I wanted you to drool over the chocolate chip cookies a little longer.

To reiterate Sunday’s post, Rick was in the cooking mood.  First cookies, now pizza.

We try to support as many kids as we can when they are doing fundraisers in the area.  This happened to be what the special was this time.

The box included 3 each:  pizza crust, shredded mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.  Since we like a few more ingredients on our pizza, we discussed what we wanted and Rick ran to the store to pick them up.

So, let’s get crackin’ by getting our fixins ready.

We always like to have some chopped onion.  Gives it a nice flavor.

Green pepper was Rick’s idea.

Green olive is a new addition to our pizzas.  It gives a wonderful little tang (trust me, you won’t be disappointed).

Many people already know this, but if you have fresh tomato laying around, use it on your pizza!  WOW!

Pre-made pizza dough.  Nothing really special here.

Glorp the sauce out of the packet.  Actually, this sauce was pretty good.  I could even smell the oregano in it.

After you spread that sauce around, start piling on the fixins!

In our house, we always make sure that there are mushrooms!  This is a “must have” in the pizza department.

Here’s where those wonderful tomatoes come into play.  If you keep them off the crust, it doesn’t seem to turn it soggy, and you get that great flavor when you bite into a piece.

Open that bag of cheese and start spreading it around.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much cheese was included with this kit.

Today’s meat topping was pepperoni (that way we didn’t have to spend time par-cooking hamburger or sausage).  Rick forgot to put it on before the cheese, but no matter, it will still get covered.

With more cheese, of course!  We take our pizza very seriously here.  The more cheese the better!!

Ready for the oven.   We could have used the Pizzazz Plus that Nichole & Corey gave us for Christmas, but the convection oven was already on from making the cookies earlier.

(Don’t worry kids, Rick uses that gadget every time he makes pizza and loves it!)

Baked at 450 degrees for 11 minutes, we had a truly beautiful pizza.

The chef and his masterpiece!

All sliced up and ready to eat.

And boy did we eat!

Poor baby worked himself right into a food coma.

He deserved the nap after all that cooking.

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  1. Nice pizza Mom! And I love the pictures, especially the one chopping the peppers, the flying pieces lol Your camera captures nicely. And Dad looks so cute at the end, all tuckered out like a little kid 🙂

  2. Dad did all the mixing, chopping and cooking on Sunday. Having a blast with the camera. Love playing with it and your Dad is great at encouraging me to use it (I warned him that I was going to take the napping pic LOL).

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