Jun 042011

Friday night is date night for Rick & I.  We usually go up to the local casino and do some gambling and grab some supper at the buffet.

It usually goes something like this:  We enter the casino, give each other a kiss and wish the other good luck and head in separate directions until we are ready to eat.

We are an exciting couple, aren’t we?

Only last night there was a new element added to the festivities.  As we were heading to the restaurant, Rick told me that a woman had approached him and asked if he wanted to sleep with her… on stage.  He was like, “Excuse me??”  I’m thinking, “Greatest pick-up line EVER!!”

Come to find out there was a hypnotist act going on in the event center, so we decided to check it out, just for shits and giggles.

Let me just say this:  I’m glad we didn’t have to pay to see this!

We walk into the opening act which appears to be a comic.  A lesbian comic.  Hey, I don’t judge on personal preferences.  She could have been an alien with 10 arms and I wouldn’t have cared.  But considering what I heard in the 5 minutes that remained of her act, I’m thinking that the alien would have been funnier.

Next up, the “Hypnotic” act.  These people kept bragging about how they do their act in Las Vegas, and how you could purchase one of their DVD’s on how to hypnotize your partner.  I was not impressed.

This kind of show always requires that members of the audience volunteer to get up on stage and hopefully become a puppet of sorts.  Rick decides to be a good sport and join some other poor souls on stage.

7 people volunteered, and 5 apparently were able to be hypnotized.  Rick was one of those that “failed,” if that’s what you want to call it.  Actually, I’m not totally convinced that anybody on that stage was actually “under.”

For the next 15 minutes we sat through one of the worst things I’ve seen in a long time.  The whole routine was based on anything having to do with sex, from playing with dildos to one participant telling her husband she wasn’t going to have sex with him.

I swear that the person running the sound for the act was drunk, because all of it was mis-timed and at one point they couldn’t get the CD player going.  This was top of the line equipment folks!

When Rick asked if I wanted to leave, I practically ran to the door!

I was never so happy to see those slot machines that awaited me.  I may have to spend money on them, but at least they are entertaining.

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  1. “Best pickup line EVER!” Hahaha! Too funny! Good thing you didn’t have to pay for it though, sounds like it was time lost. Sucks when you think it’s gonna be good, and it turns out to be a drag. I would have loved to see Dad up there tho, wish you could’ve gotten a shot of it.

  2. All I had was my cell phone camera, and I don’t think those turned out too well. Oh well.

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