May 072011

Well, maybe you wouldn’t call it fun.

But it did make me feel good.

And it was productive.

And it was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day!

I guess if I were to say it correctly, it would be considered work.  But in a feel good, productive way.  On a sunny day.

What is a better way to spend such a day after being cooped up in the house for 6 long months of Winter?  Tackle some outdoor yard work and spruce up the area around the garden.

See all that brush there?  It’s outta here!

Pulling, cutting and waging my battle against these nasty little *%@#’s was no easy chore.  The root systems on them are from one plant to another, an almost mutant cross between a tree and a weed.  I finally had to stop after 5 hours because my hands hurt so bad.

When I stood back and looked at my progress, there was a noticeable difference.  And a lot of crap got hauled off and dumped elsewhere.

I even hung up my gardening wind chime to pretty up the area.

I’m not anywhere near done, but I’m happy with what I accomplished today, and I can give myself a pat on the back for a job well done.

And while I’m doing that, I might as well check for woodticks.

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  1. Wonderful job Mom! It looks great so far and I love your wind chime! So purty 🙂 And yes, definitely pat yourself on the back, and checking for ticks might be a good idea lol

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