May 092012

Rick & I have been fiercely weeding, clearing brush and moving mounds of dirt around to make the garden a more productive place this year.

We’ve even fenced off the area to discourage the neighborhood dogs and various critters that we share the homestead with from thinking that there is a new buffet in town that they are welcome to visit 24/7.  A few of my Hostas were already on the receiving end of a little snack that I’m assuming were from some lucky deer that had the munchies one day, so it made perfect sense to put the rolls of wire to use that were just laying around doing nothing.

Luckily we had just enough to make it around the perimeter of the garden.  But we were missing something:  a gate.  The one that we had used before had met an unfortunate demise a couple years ago when there was a *tiny* fire on the property next to us.

So, being the ingenious people we are, we built our own using the saplings that had been cut down a few weeks ago.

And to make sure that everyone knew exactly who they were messing with if they entered unwelcome, a sign that Nichole gave me on one of her visits.

Now all that’s missing are the plants that I’ve grown in my greenhouse that are just screaming to get in the garden.  And if the extended forecast looks acceptable, some of them will get their wish this weekend.

Until then, I’ll just keep visiting them in their little warm green cocoon, coaxing them along and telling them what a good job their doing.

I’ll tell them you said “Hi”.


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  1. I love it!!

  2. Beautiful gate! Wonderful idea 🙂

  3. And the perfect place for your sign 🙂

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