Apr 122011

Yesterday I had to clip Thor’s claws.

I have never had a cat whose claws grew so fast!ย  This is something that has to be done at least every 2 weeks or he starts clawing on the window screen.

He has a scratching pad that he uses, but it just doesn’t seem to keep them filed back enough.

To say the least, he is not a fan of this process.

So when the time comes, I have to calm him down by cradling him in my arms.ย  I carefully grab the nail clippers and hope for the next few minutes I will not become a chew toy.

Immediately, this becomes the scenario.

I revert to Bugs Bunny, while Thor steps into the role of Gossamer. *

This is no joke.

I move into the role and repeat the lines that Bugs uttered in this cartoon.ย  For some reason, this is the only way to keep him calm throughout the whole process.

I am happy to report that I was not maimed today.

Thank you once again Chuck Jones and Ted Pierce for creating this cartoon to be used in this situation.

And just to give you a little viewing pleasure, I found this: