May 202011

It’s a sunny 77 degrees in my neck of the woods today, and I have the day off of work to plant my gardens.

I don’t normally plant flowers in my vegetable gardens, but I just love the “faces” on Pansies.  Makes me think of the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland.

Yep, I’m a dork.

But I’m OK with that.

Putting some of these amongst the veggies, I’m hoping for some great pollinating action amongst all the other plants.

I’m too cheap to by the drop dead gorgeous pre-made hanging baskets offered at the nursery, so I buy the 4-packs of flowers and make my own.

Violas always seem to do well, and the hummingbirds seem to like them.

The new flower for me this year is Torenia.  They’re supposed to cascade nicely around the planter.

Plus they have that neat “trumpet” flower that I’m hoping the hummingbirds will like too.

OK, you’re probably saying to yourself “Sandy, if you want the hummingbirds to come around, why not just put out feeders?”  Simple:  I could do without the ants thankyouverymuch.  We have very sand soil up here, and I don’t want to deal with them getting in my house more than they already do.

I do have to admit I considered buying one for the rock garden, which is far enough away from the house not to worry about ants, but I just couldn’t justify the price of the silly thing.

Again, I’m cheap.

Veggies are fairly simple for me.  Since I do square-foot-gardening, and I also can salsa and pickles, I only planted peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers this year.  With my herb garden, this is plenty for me to handle.

So now I will sit and wait.

And pray for ideal conditions to get these babies growing and producing lots of bounty.

And hope that the area dogs stay out of the gardens.

And spend hours keeping the weeds under control.

But come fall, it’s all worth it.

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  1. So pretty! I love the pansies, they also remind me of the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland. I can’t wait for more salsa, I still have yet to open your jar, but it’s next! 🙂

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