Apr 242012

I know that I said that I was going to be AWOL for a couple days (and I am) but I just had a realization that I had to share.

And that is those guys on Storm Chasers are C R A Z Y!!  I  was relaxing after slaving the day at work/transplanting plants/watching them slump over from shock/emptying the dishwasher/reloading the dishwasher/leveling out the rest of the fill in the “new” gardens and I looked up to the TV (which has the Weather Channel as my *background noise*) and saw these wild tornadoes and those dudes exclaiming how awesome they were.

Yes, tornadoes are awesome.  When you are a hundred miles away from them tucked safely in a storm shelter or basement.  NOT 500 feet from a death storm that is causing total destruction to the world and getting close to ending your life.

I remember when I was little and the sirens would blare that there was a tornado warning.  Mom would usher us little ones to the basement and get us all comfy with books and such to keep our minds of the possibility that the world as we knew it could be gone any minute.  Once we were distracted (or so she thought) she would go back up the stairs to see if the storm had hit yet.

Umm, helllloooo, your supposed to be down here with us cowering like a little baby and praying to a higher power, remember?  So, if a tornado hit, we were going to be orphans because you couldn’t bear to be down in the safety of the basement with us?  You had to see where the storm was at?  That is what radios and TV are for, Superwoman!

Maybe she was waiting to see where our Dad was at, which was probably still in the field on the combine watching the twister from hell and going “Hmmm…. looks like it’s heading toward our house.  Glad I’m not there.”

Obviously my parents did not set a good example for us kids, because I did the same shit when my kids were little.  Only I would make sure that Rick was down in the basement with them so that they would have at least one parent left behind to raise them.

So when somebody says “Won’t you please think of the children,” I can say “Yes, I did.”


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  1. We haven’t had to worry about that much really lol We just watch the weather and let the kids know we’ll get them in the basement if it gets bad 🙂

  2. Things are much different than when I was a kid… computers, cable TV…

    Why do I suddenly feel old?

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  4. So glad you stopped by! I’ve checked out your Forum and you have some great information!!

  5. I literally Laughed Out Loud! But, in all seriousness, I do the same thing…. 😉

  6. So I did pass on this trait… sorry… you can blame your grandma 😉

  7. I’m okay with that! lol

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  9. Wish I could take credit for that one. It is quite breathtaking!

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