Mar 022012

Yesterday I went to work only to discovered that we were closed.  Apparently reports were coming in from people that still weren’t plowed out (we were lucky) or that roads were just plain crappy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved having another day off because of the weather, I only wish that it had been announced before I ventured out.  Come to find out when I got home that it had been.  (It probably would have been a good idea for me to check my work email before I left too and I would have seen the notice.  Oh well.)

So what to do with my new found day off?  Well, I had a little problem that had been bothering me for the past 4 days, and it was time that I got it checked out.

The young Nurse who called my name and escorted me back to the Doctor’s office was a familiar face.  She is in the Nursing program at the college so I kinda knew who she was, which eased my nerves a little.

OK, here’s a shocker for ya:  I don’t like Doctors.  Of any kind.  My blood pressure starts to go through the roof when I even think about having to see one.  So a kind, familiar face was a big plus.

Anywho, we’re back in the little room and she’s tap tap tapping on her computer and looking at my history when the inevitable “quiz” phase of the appointment begins.  You know the one, where they ask you all those questions that they already have the answers to but need to find out if you have retained any of your memory cells.  And everybody who knows me knows that my memory sucks.  Big time.

So normal questions of age, smoking, yadda yadda yadda.  Then she hits me with it:  “And the medications that you’re taking?”  The first 2 come flying out of my mouth and then… GAH!  I always have trouble with that 3rd one because it sounds like some kind of biology lab ingredient.

What happened next just about floored me.  She started sounding out the name of the stuff, prompting me to complete the rest of it (which I did, followed by a quick snap of my fingers in victory).  I felt like I was transported back to elementary school and my first grade teacher was helping me sound out the word “flower.”

Now someone please explain to me why she was asking me to tell her what my meds were when she had them on the screen right in front of her?  I may be getting up there in years, but in no way have I reached the age where I’ve lost all my marbles.

A short time after she leaves with all my information, the Doctor walks into the room with a smile on his face and congratulates me on being the proud owner of a bladder infection (which I already new that I had).

Antibiotics issued with instructions to take care of myself, and I’m out the door.

So for the next 5 days I’ll be taking horse pills to kick this thing in the butt and hopefully be back up to normal function.

The rest of my day off?  Relaxed with a good book on my Kindle in a comfy chair in front of the fire.

Just following Doctor’s orders.


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  1. Reason they ask about your meds is to see if you’re taking anything new. Or if you stopped taking something for any reason. I get to go through that today at the VA and they even hand you a sheet of paper with your meds on it and STILL ask. Pretty redundant if you ask me! Hope you feel better soon, Mom! 🙂

  2. Well, why don’t they just tell me what they have written down and I can say if they’re right or not 😉

  3. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Already feeling better… now to see if I get any side effects from the meds. I’m special like that 😉

  5. Cuz they’re jerks like that! 😉

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