Mar 082012

We’ve lost quite a bit of snow around here since last week’s Winter storm.  I’d say that yesterday alone 6 inches of the stuff melted.

Of course, the fact that it was in the 40s and we had a light rain probably had something to do with it.

So instead of the snow to contend with on roads, sidewalks and pathways, we now have ice skating rinks because the night time temperatures are still below freezing and the ground is still frozen, leaving all that water to sit and freeze.

Walking out to the garage in the morning is a whole new balancing act.  I’m sure glad that no one watches my graceful way of trying to stay balanced while walking/sliding across the driveway.

At work, my front tires have to be parked on the sidewalk so that my car doesn’t slide backwards (discovered this yesterday when it had moved 2 feet on it’s own accord).

Bringing wood into the house after work should be required training for anyone that wants to join the circus as a tightrope walker.  But instead of balancing a beam, you are made to carry an armload of wood and not drop a piece while you are sliding all over the place trying to get to the steps.  And once you reach those, try and put one foot up to actually step on the steps.  I’ve seen less concentration from a Doctor performing brain surgery.

March and April are a real transition time in the Northwoods.  One day it can be in the 50s temping us with the promise of Spring, and the next we will have a foot of snow on the ground reminding us that Mother Nature calls the shots and there ain’t thing one we can do about it.

That woman can sure be a tease sometimes.


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