May 102012

We’ve always been a BBQing family.  Even the hint of warm weather will get the grill going non-stop from Spring ’til fall.

Saturday night was always “grilling night” when I was young.  Steaks, brats, chicken… rain or shine my Dad would fire up that grill and we’d have smokey charred goodness for supper.

I didn’t save the contraption for a special night when the kids were growing up.  If it was sunny, warm and no snow, there was no way I was cooking indoors.  That grill was fired up and raring to go!

My kids have taken to this love of cooking in the great outdoors (usually on a deck, but that’s outdoors, right?) into their adulthood with them, and I couldn’t be prouder.

However, I was kinda worried about the type of vittles that Nichole and Corey were cooking up when she posted this on her blog:


Now, I’m thinking that either they aren’t using that grill as often as they should or they need to post a no-vacancy sign on the thing for birds that need rental property.

I hope they have a Plan B because grilling season has begun, and that thing is out of commission until those babies are hatched and leave the nest.


  7 Responses to “I Wouldn’t Grill Those”

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  1. Oh, and to add on to that last comment I made….Erik and I will grill in the winter, even when we DO have snow! lol

  2. YAY!!

  3. No worries, it won’t be used. Sucks though, I suddenly want a juicy steak… lol

  4. Was hoping you would have a back-up grill 🙁

  5. Wow…LOL..heh, heh…

  6. Well, actually we do. We have 2 charcoal grills as well lol But I’m not sure we have any charcoal….

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