Apr 122014

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  It was a rough Winter.

Now that warmer weather is teasing us, the snow and ice dams on the roof of the house are melting great guns.  We’ve never cleared our roof in the winter as many people in the upper part of the state do.  Mainly because it’s got a decent pitch and normally we’ll have some days throughout the Winter months that will melt some of that snow off so we don’t have any damage.

Let me reiterate the word “normal”, which this year is not part of anyone’s vocabulary in the Northwoods.


Since we didn’t get those nice little breaks of warmth during December, January or February, teenie tiny mentions of melting caused huge ice dams to build along the edges of the roof.  And when warmer temperatures started descending on us a couple weeks ago, they didn’t want to melt all nice and purdy.  No, they decided to turn into glaciers of destruction.

One casualty was our back deck.


I was collecting sap across the road when I heard a gawd awful crash that I’m sure scared Thor out of his fur.

Reality check:  I was standing on the thing 10 minutes before it turned to kindling.

Thank goodness decks can be replaced.

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