Feb 272012

Ever since I wrote about how I cant-wait-for-winter-to-end-so-I-can-play-in-the-dirt, it appears that Rick has gotten caught up in my enthusiasm.

Granted, he won’t be out there with me sweating, planting and weeding, but he will do what he always does:  admire the gardens every day and patiently wait for all those ripe veggies to indulge in.

And unbeknownst to me, he’s been looking at supplies to help me with my upcoming garden.  Like this, for example:

This is the perfect little greenhouse to help me with my starter plants this year.  And he bought it for me yesterday.  A nice little bonus that he liked is that it comes with shelves so we don’t have to invest any extra money on those.

He’s thought of the perfect place to put it too, where it will get plenty of sun (well, as much as it can get on our property) and will be close enough to the garden when I’m ready to transplant everything.

Now don’t go saying “Well Sandy, it’s only February!”.  Psh, whatever.

Up here in the Northwoods, you have to start planning these things well in advance.  We have a short growing season, and with the mild weather so far this Winter, it could be summer by April.  (No, I’m not delusional.  Crazy maybe, but never delusional.)

Now if my darn seed catalog would just get here, I could start drooling making my list and drawing up my plot arrangements.  I’ve even secured some space over at the college farm to plant popcorn and  sunflowers.

Yep, Spring is right around the corner.  I just hope it doesn’t make a detour on it’s way.


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  1. Just watched the weather…12 inches of snow coming your way! Mother nature is such a tease.

  2. Isn’t she? 🙂

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