Mar 302012

The old saying goes:  “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb.”


This March came in like a furry rabbit and left like a Mack truck.  It kicked my butt from here to the netherworld and back all month long.  It’s been a hundred years since I’ve had a month that has left my body as wrecked as this one has.

Tooth infection, tooth extraction, flu and bronchitis.  The “Kick Me In The Ass Quartet.”  Don’t invite these guys to your next party, they’ll never leave.

So as I’m felling all “poor me” and trying to muster the effort to ingest anything food-like that a) I can keep down; and b) will help me gain back the weight I lost, my eldest posts something on her husband’s Facebook wall that just made me smile.

Yep, she knows just how to go for the jugular.  Cute little furbabies are my Kryptonite.  How can I possibly stay in a fowl mood when I’ve got this staring back at me?  Way to go kid!

Oh, the “In like a lion, out like a lamb” reference was supposed to be about the weather?  Hmph,  I don’t really remember what the weather was like because I was too damn sick to notice.

Maybe April will bring me more kitties and potatoes.


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  1. That is too cute.

  2. Sorry your feeling like crap darlin…..still look like a million bucks though!

    I don’t understand the kitten and potatoes analogy….is this a new “meat & potatoes” thing? Eating Kittens? Don’t sound like enough there for a bird…but then………LOL


  3. I hope you are doing better now.. I know and understand how you feel.. There was a month something like this happened to me and my family… We were all down with a terrible flu..

    I can’t stop lol on this picture of a kitty on a potato…

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. You never fail to make me smile too, hon 🙂

  5. Thanks MayMay, starting to eat “solid” food now (if soup is in that category).

    Hoping you have a great weekend also!

  6. I’m just a sucker for kittens!

  7. Yahoo for soup! If there solid stuff in the soup? Like taters? Then yes it counts lol Such a cute picture!

  8. Yeah, no solids unless you count the cracker I added 😉

  9. ugh – I’m so with you on this! We have had a horrible March as well, as far as people being sick.
    And you are right – who can possibly not smile at that kitten. 🙂

  10. I’m so glad I didn’t give this crud to my hubby. At least I don’t think I did (he wouldn’t tell me if I did).

  11. Glad to make you smile, Mom! 😉 I love that picture!

  12. It made others smile too 🙂

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