Oct 162012

I’ve basically gotten over my creepy crud *knock wood* with the exception of a few coughing spells here and there.  I figure those are just hanging around because they enjoy my company.

Or not.

Before that ugly crap invaded my body, I was working on getting myself more active.  I was planning 2 – 3 things that I needed to accomplish every day so that I wouldn’t automatically sit down in front of my computer after work and veg.  And it was going really well too.  For 3 solid weeks I felt more productive and slept great.

And then Typhoid Mary came into the house and put all that hard work to a stop.  And now that I do have energy and am back to a semi-normal person (I was never completely normal, just ask my kids), I just don’t have the mojo that I did just a few short weeks ago.  And with hibernation season (aka Winter) right around the corner, I don’t want to fall back into the sit-on-my-ass-all-day-at-work-and-repeat-process-when-I-get-home routine.

So on Saturday when Rick and the guys were working on the shed, I decided to get off my duff and bake cookies.  Nothing special, just some Chocolate Chip sweetness to fill the cookie jar.  And it felt… good.  So good in fact that it gave me some inspiration to look for new recipes for something that I’ve never tried baking:  turnovers.  (I know, cookies and turnovers aren’t the same thing, but baking is baking.)

And I came upon these:

Now, I’m not a “It’s a good thing” fan, but this recipe is just to simple to pass up!  Bonus points go to the fact that you can make them ahead of time, throw them in the freezer, and bake only what you need without having to thaw them out.  Definitely my kind of baking.

I’ll let you know how they turn out.


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  1. I will be waiting for a taste 🙂

  2. You’re on the list!

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