Jul 062011

Life has it’s little conundrums, and every once in a while, silly little things pop into my head, and I just have to let them out.


When you buy a roll of stamps, why are they put on the roll upside-down? Was this decided by some left-handed person that said enough was enough when it came to the southpaw community being left out of the modern conveniences of life?

Why did Google go and add that stupid black bar across the top of their home page? I have no theory on this one people.

Why am I still receiving spam emails for Viagra? Wasn’t that like so-1990’s?  Are they actually making money off of these emails?  Do they expect some person has been living under a rock for the last 12 years and seeing this email and going “OMG!  What a breakthrough!  I’ve got to have that!”

Why do my bangs grow faster than the rest of my hair? Seriously, I get 2 inches cut off my hair twice a year, but I need to trim an inch off my bangs every month.  WTF??

Why are we still f#&%ing around with daylight savings time? I mean, do we really need to change our clocks back and forth an hour twice a year as a reminder to change the battery in the smoke detector?  Come on, government official person, throw it on the next president election ballot and I can almost guarantee you will see record numbers of people coming out to vote.  It’s a win-win situation!

And finally, the question that has been plaguing man for centuries:

Why are there 12 hot dog buns and 10 hot dogs?* Do the math, people.  You would have to purchase 6 packages of hot dogs and 5 packages of buns just to come out even.  I think it’s some kind of conspiracy.  But I have no idea by who… yet.

Sometimes you just have to get these things off your chest.

Thank you for listening.

I feel much better now.

*UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that I made an error in the bun counting department (Thanks Nichole!).  There are 8 buns to a package, which brings the amount of hot dogs down to 4 packages to come out even.  Sorry to anyone who had to do a double-take at their dogs-to-buns ratio.  I promise to wear my glasses next time I count.

I still say there is a conspiracy.

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  1. I often wonder things like this myself… And hot dog bun theory? I don’t know which ones your buying, but my hot dogs and buns come 8 to a pack each! 🙂 Maybe I’m just special?

  2. Well, obviously I can’t count, because mine do too. Where the hell did I come up with 12???

    And yes, you are special 😉

  3. No there was a time, not long ago that they were pulling that 12 buns, 10 hot dogs in a pack. It was very annoying. If they are doing it right now it must be because they are packaged by college educated meat packers who were laid off from their banking positions during the economic downturn.

  4. Now THAT’S a good theory!

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