May 202013

When you live in the Northwoods and are surrounded by 80 to 100 foot tall trees, you don’t have the luxury of actually seeing a storm approaching.

To know what is on the horizon, you need to keep your eye to the sky and see what the trees have to tell you.

And you have to listen, because those trees are going to give you the first indication that there is a bugger of a storm coming, and it’s coming fast.


Just like the one that hit us last night, punching this tree in the stomach and making it kiss the ground.

When you start hearing those cracking sounds in the woods you don’t know which direction they’re coming from and pray to a higher power that they aren’t anywhere near you.

Once again our property looked like a disaster area with 20 to 30 foot branches scattering the yard.


This little darling landed on the rock garden that I had spent 4 hours cleaning all the winter leaves and branches out of just a few hours before.


As you can see the woodpeckers have been using it for personal reasons.


Here is one of the reasons I don’t like to be out in the yard when that wind starts whipping up.  When those branches fall and hit the ground they dig in about 8 inches from the impact before they bounce out and litter our yard.


And don’t even get me started on how high my paranoia can go if I had been riding around in a car when this storm hit.

Naturally Rick loves this kind of weather and was standing on the deck the whole time it blew through.

I stayed close to my desk in case I had to dive under it.


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  1. Yeesh! Lookit! That’s a biggun! Poor Mama, all your hard work clearing out the rocks. Sorry! We had hard winds blow on-fire boards out of the firepit. Corey guesses he didn’t start the fire earlier as the storm came on FAST.

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