Jul 112012

We’ve got a cute little chipmunk that has been living under some boards that Rick has next to the garage.

I’ve seen him scamper around the yard looking for things to munch on, and he didn’t seem to be a big threat to anything (unlike the squirrels).

I was out in my garden checking the second crop of peas I’d planted for the season, because for some reason only 1/2 of them came up on the first planting.  I blamed it on the rain/heat/alien invasion and decided to give it another shot.

As I’m stooping down to look at the little shoots that are coming out of the ground, the chipmunk comes up to within 4 feet of me and starts sniffing around the plants.

I’m talking to the little fella (don’t judge), telling him how cute he is and asking what he’s planning for his summer vacation when all of a sudden he digs in the dirt and grabs one of my pea seeds and EATS IT!!!

Right there in front of me!  I was shocked, to see the least, but that wasn’t the end of it.  He scampers off after I yell at him, and as soon as I turn my back, he’s right back in the garden!

This dude either a) isn’t right in the head or b) has a death wish.  As I’m telling him that this is MY garden and those are MY seeds and to go play in traffic, he just looks at me with those big black eyes as to say “OK, crazy garden lady, I’m sorry.  I won’t do it any more.  You can trust me.”

Thinking we have a truce, I continue about in the garden.  When I glance back over to the pea patch, he’s at it again!  OK, this means war!  I’ve tried reason, I’ve tried friendship, but it ain’t workin’.

Off to the garage I go and grab the Liquid Fence (I don’t want to hurt the little bugger, just get him away from MY stuff).  I know this spray doesn’t work on squirrels (of course I tried) but I had to do something.

I approach the garden and the little shyster is right back in there digging through the dirt looking for booty.  I take aim and FIRE!  Dead hit and he takes off running.


I douse my plants with the stuff and head back into the house with my little harvest of cucumbers and meager peas that my plants held.

After about a 1/2 hour I decided to venture back to the garden and see if the little buttmunch had returned.

Yes, yes he had.  Apparently the spray doesn’t work on chipmunks either.  I have a feeling I’ve just lost my second planting of peas, because in the spot where each of the seedlings were coming up, there is now a shallow, empty hole.

Guess I just figured out what happened to my first crop of peas.


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  1. Just ask Judy about her hatred of Chipmunks! lol Glad you found out the cause for your missing pea plants!!

  2. Hope the little tard got a tummy ache!

  3. He is a cutie, but OMG, what a little bugger for taking your peas!

  4. I know!

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