Feb 072012

If you’re unfamiliar, Calie has been dealing with Kidney failure, or Chronic Renal Failure (CRF), for over 3 years now.  It can be a slow, painful condition for any animal, and frankly I’m not sure how she has been able to hang on this long.

But knowing her as well as I do, it doesn’t surprise me.  She’s a feisty one (well duh, she’s a Calico!).  This type of a cat is a fighter, but at her advanced age (19), that fighting spirit doesn’t really show itself until she goes to the Vet.

When I’m home alone on Monday’s, I really get to spend time with the furballs.  They enjoy their “alone” time with me and I get to observe their normal everyday routine that they have when I am at work.

Which mostly consists of sleeping.

But with the CRF, I also get to see how much activity Calie is getting, along with the amount of water she drinks and how frequently she uses the litterbox.  If you know anything about CRF, drinking water and peeing are tell-tale signs of where she is at with the disease.

And on Monday, the “P” factor was definitely an issue.  As in, it wasn’t happening.  Which scared the bejesus out of me.  She wanted to, but couldn’t.

Enter unexpected trip into the Vet, where Calie turns from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde in a nanosecond.

She’s fine with me holding her, but anyone else comes near her with a hand and stand back!  The hissing starts and the claws threaten to come out in full force.

I feel sorry for her, because I don’t like to inflict that kind of stress on her.  I also feel sorry for the people at the Vet’s office because all they want to do is pet her and help her and she turns into this vicious monster.  Which, by the way, is quite amazing when she is less than 5 pounds now and looks like a fragile kitten.

Diagnosis?  Based on the information I gave, the Doctor is going with a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).  A liquid antibiotic has been prescribed that I have to give her twice a day for a week (oh joy).  She hates it (of course).

Weird factor?  Thor must smell the meds on her because He Won’t Leave He Alone!  He comes up to her, sniffs her, meows at her like “Hey, gonna share that stuff or what?”  She is less than thrilled by his attention.

Of course.

She’s a Calico.


*Cross your fingers that the meds do the trick, or else it’s back to the Vet for further diagnosing.


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  1. Yes, the feisty kitty 🙂 Gotta love her, even when she’s a b**** 🙂 Hopefully the meds help her itty bitty kitty body and the loving from Thor as well.

  2. I have employed a towel to help save my skin from her wrath while I give her the meds. Not fun.

  3. Poor Pootie! But of COURSE she will be all feisty and stuff at the dr…just like kids! You convince the pediatrician that they’re on the verge of death, only when you actually get to the office, they seem right as rain! And good luck with the towel trick…hope she doesn’t start foaming at the mouth! <3 the poot-poot!

  4. No foam, just downright pissed.

  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaait for iiiiiiiiit (towel foamage)! 😉 I hope she feels better soon. She’s almost 20, and I’d LOVE to see one of my kitties make it that long, unless it’s causing her unneeded duress. I miss the Poot-Poot (and if you guys are on vaca and can’t find any one, I’m TOTALLY there again!) and would like Brayden to at least say Bye when/~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooney~sandyrooneyif it’s needed. Love you and Dad and the Puddins!!!! <3 from Erik, Brayden, Jude and I!!!! <3 <3 <3

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