Nov 052012

You will notice that this is not my typical Monday post for the following 2 reasons:

a)  There are no photos, and;

b)  I’m not updating you on the progress of the shed.

Now, you may ask, why the hell not?!?  (Or your jumping up and down with joy.)

Simple, and I will explain them in the following 3 reasons:

1)  I woke up with a major cold Saturday morning and I have temporarily lost any creative writing skills that I have.  When your nose is clogged beyond belief, ears plugged and every sneeze requires half a box of kleenex (where does all that snot come from anyway), the only functioning part of your brain is the signal that lets you know you have to pee.

Therefore, any eloquent post is completely out of the question.

2)  During one of my many sneezes, I moved/pinched/pissed-off something in my right hip, so I now walk like I have a stick stuck up my backside because of the pain (scoliosis sucks).

I’m real attractive at work.

3)  This is hell audit week at work, and since I didn’t get my Monday off, I also did not get to rest up my body and/or brain, so whatever functioning brain cells that I may have had are slowly getting disintegrated from endless information quests that the audit team sends me on.

There are 3 of us in the office and apparently I’m the only one they want to ask questions to.

I feel soooo lucky.

That was sarcasm, by the way.

So if this post made any sense whatsoever, I might possibly have just used up my last chance to say anything coherent for the rest of the week.

I hope to return you to your regularly scheduled boring fun-filled posts next Monday if I don’t spontaneously combust at some time before then.


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  1. Share the wealth when they ask you questions! 😉

  2. My brain hurts…

  3. I sorry, Momma!! 🙁 <3 ya and hope you feel better!

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