Feb 092014

Well, we’re still in the deep freeze up here in the Northwoods.

I was kinda hoping/praying that it would have let up by now, but no such luck.  I had a reader/friend/neighbor (Hi Mabel! ) email me, concerned if I was OK since I hadn’t written anything in weeks.  I assured her that I was fine, it was just difficult to compose a post when my brain was frozen.

It’s a winter like this that really tests a person’s metal, as well as sanity.  We are a tough lot up here, but going 3 months straight with sub-zero temperatures has started to get on some people’s nerves, mine included.

I sit huddled in front of my computer bundled up in layers of thermal underwear and heavy sweatshirts with a space heater cranked to the max blasting away at my tootsies, gazing out at a sun drenched day that would give the normal person the impression that it was even the least bit “comfortable” outside.

I, however, am not normal.  I can see the deception as plain as day and I’m not going to fall for it.  Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are cruel pranksters.

So instead of writing an open letter to each of them this year, condemning them for their warped sense of humor or unbalanced hormones, I’m just gonna give them a little suggestion.


I’d cross my fingers in hope if they weren’t frozen.

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