Feb 232012

It gets harder and harder to get presents for people.  Especially my Grandchildren.  I never know what they’re “in to”.

So when I asked my grandson Brayden what he wanted for his 10th birthday (which just happens to be today), he said “Lego Dinosaurs”.

OK, sounds easy enough.

Until my daughter asked what to get him, and well, the conversation (via Facebook) kinda went downhill:

Me:  Oops… when I told you that Brayden wanted the Star Wars Lego thingy for his Birthday, I didn’t realize that it was an Xbox game that he wanted. Maybe you already figured that out…

Nichole:  LOL You said Dinosaur Lego thing LOL. He wants the Star Wars Lego XBox game? Will get that.

Me:  No, you are right, Dinosaur…grrr…sucks to get old.

I don’t think there is a Dinosaur Lego game. I can get one you get the other. which one you want? I’m so confused…..

Nichole:  Whichever one you don’t want to get LOL

Me:  Where the hell did I get the Star Wars Lego from?

Nichole:  LMAO i dunno

Must be part of that “getting old” thing LOL

Me:  I was talking to Chris earlier and she asked what we were going to get Brayden for b-day, and I said that he wanted Star Wars Lego (where I got that, I don’t know) and she said he would love that for Xbox. But you are right, he definitely told me dinosaur.

Nichole:  So no Star Wars or yes to Star Wars?

Me:  Yep and yep… I guess
I’m old, remember?

Nichole:  LMAO! So the Dinosaurs was a Lego thing not a Lego Xbox thing?

Me:   I know he likes the Lego stuff on computer, so Xbox is the only way he can play it

f’ing Legos!  They should just stick to plastic!

Nichole:  ROTFLMAO!

Me:  Get off the floor!

Nichole:  hehehe! what about the Lego Pirates of the Carribean? Does he have that one?

For Xbox

or Lego Harry Potter?

Me:  Chris didn’t mention that one… I don’t think
I’m old, remember?
When did I pee last?

Nichole:  LOL I dunno! ummm… I will get the Lego Star Wars the complete saga for Xbox if that’s OK

Me:  Sounds good…
And I get the Dinosaur game thingy, right?

Nichole:  LOL ya did you know they make a Jurassic Park for Xbox?

Me:  GAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nichole:  bwahahaha!

OK, so that’s settled.  Now I just had to order the thing and get it over with.  So, do I go with the one with the raptor and the tower with a net to throw, or the one that has a car that shoots things at the Dinosaur?  Or how about the one with the 2 dudes, a car and a fort?

I think I got the short end of the deal on this one… I should have fought for the Xbox game.

So Brayden, I hope that you like the present that I picked out for you.  It says Legos and has a picture of a Dinosaur on the box, so I’m pretty sure I got that part right.

Hugs, kisses and bunches of love from Grandma & Grandpa!


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  1. ACTUALLY, Brayden wants Star Wars for Xbox and Dinosaur regular, so glad you got that figured out! And he doesn’t have Harry Potter or Pirates. He has the Indiana Jones series for Xbox, so that one is done! 😉 What a great Auntie and Grandma he has! <3

  2. When I was Skyping with Brayden, he was telling me the games he has, and he said he already had the Star Wars Complete Saga so I got him the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean instead 🙂 Should have been delivered last Friday 🙂

  3. LOL!!!! Boy I thought I was the only one who has conversations like that (with my daughter). We had one similar to that about Barbies. I finally gave up and got Katy a Barbie puzzle.And we won’t even talk about Transformers.LOL!!!

  4. Good thing you checked with him!

  5. It’s crazy, isn’t Kelly?

  6. Ah, he must have just gotten that, then. Thanks Colie!

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