Aug 122013

Usually August is a transition month for weather in the Northwoods.  That time of year when you gradually go from the sweltering days of July into moderately temperate days of August that will lead to slightly chilly days in September.

That analysis only applies to normal July, August and September weather, of which we didn’t have any of this year.  May was like July, June was like August and July was like May.

The seasonal calendar was all kinds of screwed up this year.


Thankfully it hasn’t seemed to have had any affect on the Blackberries.  We’ve got a few bushes across the street that are just getting into their various stages of ripening.


Some are producing nice, plump berries, while others are pretty much on the green side yet.


It’s the perfect time to go out and collect a handful and plop them in your mouth without any regret whatsoever.

Which I did.

And I feel pretty pleased about that decision.


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