Jan 032012

Well, it finally happened.

My wonderful, glorious 11 day vacation from work ended.  It was blissful, productive, relaxing, and very, very much needed.

And I was so proud of myself.  I only checked my work email once during the whole time.  For me, this is a huge deal.  When I normally have a day off work, I’m constantly checking to see if somebody needs me for anything.  But for some reason, my brain took over and said “The college is closed, who is going to email you?”

And of course my brain was right, because all I got was the normal solicitation crap from places that wanted to sell me crap or invite me to some stupid seminars on how to better use paperclips or other worthless crap.  Now if it had been on how to effectively throw a stapler at an annoying coworker without actually doing damage to them/the wall/innocent bystanders, I would have signed up in a heartbeat!

And another thing that I am so proud about my brain is that is didn’t even allow me to think about work for 1o of those days.  On the last day, naturally my brain went on its own vacation and I was left with the realization that mine was over.

So this morning I kissed my hubby and the kitties goodbye before I left for work, and planted a little seed in my brain that it was going to be a good day.  My coworkers and I had busted our arses the week before vacation to clean up any and all work so that the new year would start on a clean slate.

And I kept that little seed growing all day.  I wasn’t going to let people/things/BS distract me from enjoying the work that I do.  By the time I left at the end of the day, people were still in a good mood and happy with the accomplishments that they had made.

Oh, and not one stapler was thrown.  I consider the day a success.


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  1. Sandy,
    I need to take your advice when I’m on vacation. I am so addicted to email, social networks and such, basically for the same reasons that you stated. I think, “Who needs me right now?”

    The truth really is that people WILL survive if I don’t respond right away. So I am making a deal with myself that my next vacation will be in a remote place with no access to computers or phones. Then I won’t be able to check on the rest of the world.

    Take Care,
    Renee from CyberConnect

  2. Thankies 🙂

  3. Yes Renee, they do survive, and even appreciate you more when you come back! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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