Dec 172011

I love the full moon.

There’s something magical about it, something beautiful, something powerful.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest subjects to photograph.  I’ve researched, read, studied and practiced on how to capture the beauty that it has.

And every time the opportunity arises to grab that most fantastical picture of it, I fail.  Miserably.

So when the cycle of the moon came around last weekend, I had my new camera that had bells, whistles, and totally cool settings that I was sure to get a perfect shot.

Well, it was.  Kinda.

I may not have produced the most awesome moon photo out there, but what I did get was something unexpected.

Sure, the Man in the Moon didn’t exactly show his friendly face, but the beautiful pine trees that surrounded it added something wonderful to an otherwise blah photo.

After I tended to my emotional wounds, I did some more research on where I went wrong, and am now armed with another piece of knowledge that will hopefully pay off the next time the Man makes his appearance.

But I don’t know if I can wait a whole month.  Maybe there is a crescent moon out there that wants to be my practice subject.

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