Apr 212011

When I went to my hometown last month, I stopped at a small town not far from the homestead and took that picture of the covered bridge.

Remember that one?

I’ll wait while you go refresh your memory… no hurry.

See it there in the top left-hand corner?  Here is a better glimpse of the Zumbro River that runs under it.

In the springtime, this baby really gets a flowin’ from all the snow melt.  Actually, it looks pretty awesome in the middle of winter with the water frozen over the small dam that you see here.  (Well, I don’t think that I’d technically call it a dam because it has never been able to stop flood waters coming through, but play along with me anyway, OK?)

You stand on the bank and you can just feel the power of this river.

I always love how the sun reflects off the water.

This whole area is full of limestone.  You can see slabs of it here.  I’m not sure how it has been able to survive the water for all these years.

There have been a couple times that I know of that it has flooded over the bridge.  That kinda gives you an idea of how high the water had to be.

And after all the roar and crashing of coming over the dam and under the bridge, it’s calm and gentle for a while.

Another neat feature about the park next to the river are these stone benches that dot along the banks.

Or if you prefer, grab something more modern to plant your tuckus on and watch the river roll on by.

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  1. Love the pictures! I think you took better pictures than I did there 🙂

  2. Well, thank you sweetie. But I beg to differ on the “better” part! Bring yours up tomorrow and we will let others decide, OK? 🙂

  3. Thanks KT, that means a lot to me!

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