Nov 282012

The week of Thanksgiving gave me a break from work, so I took a little break from posting.  Apparently, so did most of the blogging world (unless they were super organized and wrote stuff weeks in advance and had it already in queue… show-offs).

The progress on my shed studio continued on schedule.

Next on the roster:  Insulation.

Who knew that this process was so complicated?  There are so many steps in order to do it properly.  I made the mistake of asking Rick about it and got the Insulation 101 lecture.

Note to self:  Don’t ask.

Actually, he was quite patient with me and I learned quite a bit.  So now if anyone wants to know about insulating your home, I’m your gal (not!).

It took 2 days (and some help from Willard) to get it completed, and I’ll be roasty toasty in my little building.

While Willard was working on the inside, Rick was hammering away on the steps.

Well, actually one step, because that’s all that was needed.  BUT, he did show his genius and wrapped it around the corner of the deck so there was access from more than one spot.

Up next:  the flooring.  We haven’t decided what to put down yet, and I told Rick to use whatever was cheapest.  This gives him a great opportunity to scour Craigslist for materials.

I’ve already nixed white carpet.  I think he was kidding.

He better have been kidding.


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  1. uh your shed is like my……dream home….no worries I’m Canadian I can’t live there….

  2. But you will have a place to rest when you come and visit 🙂

  3. Looking good!

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