May 142011

The Wayback Machine (name that cartoon) brought me to Spring 2009.

And along with it this beautiful Peacock.

You never know what you are going to come upon when you least expect it.

This beauty had a wonderful home at a reserve of sorts.  Not the kind of place where people came to gawk at creatures behind cages and glass, but rather a home owned by a caring family that nurtured and loved birds and gave them a place to live peacefully.

Many varieties of birds call this place home, and the evidence was clear by the many feathers that dotted the yard, shed by it’s owners that no longer needed them.

When I was invited to this home only 30 short miles away, I had no idea that I would get to meet such a magnificent creature.

I could stare at him all day.

But then my butt would get sore from sitting in the chair.

And the laundry wouldn’t get finished.

And Calie would be really pissed because she’d be hungry.


Today is a cold and rainy  in the Northwoods.  With temperatures not expecting to get out of the 40s, the woodburner has been temporarily taken out of retirement to bring warmth to our home for the next 24 hours.

These pictures of lush foliage and warm weather that is usually associated with this time of year will help me to get through the day (along with the heat from the woodburner) and keep a positive attitude that warmer days are still around.

They’re just taking the day off.

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  1. Beautiful peacock! So pretty, love the colors.

  2. Isn’t he? Once in a lifetime experience.

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