Aug 042011

Or in other words, things that crapped out this week.

That also occurred on the same day.

Which happened to be Monday.

Numero Uno:  The coffee maker.  Yes, this is the same coffee maker that we replaced mere months ago. It appears that it doesn’t particularly like being suddenly shut off multiple times when the electricity fumbles during thunderstorms.

And we had a doozy from Sunday night through Monday morning!  It was relentless.  Thunder, lightning, rain, wind… downpours so heavy that I wished that my car had a secret button that could magically change it into a boat when I drove to work.

The new coffee maker arrived today:  Same exact brand, but it was affordable, and I get to have a regular good cup of coffee in the morning.

Side note:  When the coffee makers are selling for $10 at Wally World at Christmas time, I am picking up 4 of those suckers!

Numero Dos:  The fridge at work in my office.  Another fine piece of equipment that lasted less than a year.  I don’t think that it had the same problem from the storms and the lightning, but who can tell.

All that I do know is that it was warmer inside that thing that it was in the office.

Numero Tres:  My everloving fight with the wood piles.

I came home from work and saw this and gritted my teeth.  I’ve rebuilt this little wood pile 2 times already!

The only reason I can see for this is that the rain was too much for it.

Or maybe the squirrels are just having fun with me and knocking it down all the time so that they can invite all their buddies over and what me rebuild it again, all the while snickering and laughing at me.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Little pricks.  I’ll show ’em.  I’ll gather up all the acorns this fall, and when they start getting into the bird feeders, I’ll launch a slingshot assault on their bad asses that will make them think twice about knocking MY wood pile down!


Or maybe it really was the deluge of rain that we got.  I mean, we did get over 4 inches of the wet stuff which could have quite possibly made the wood unstable enough at the end to topple the pile over.


I still like the slingshot idea, but I’d probably miss and they’d have something else to laugh at me about.

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  1. Note to self….next auction, look for sling shot………..

  2. Not gonna lie, I laughed so hard at this that I scared Jude. AWESOME to read at quarter after 8 in the morning! Sorry this crap keeps happening, but your blogs make me laugh and keep me sane… 😉 <3

  3. I’m so glad that people can laugh and get a smile out of what they read here. If stuff like this didn’t happen, I’d have nothing to say 😉

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